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The Grace Center project is an integrated, holistic Christian approach to meeting the needs of a broad range of children. Children of all ethnic and religious backgrounds are accepted, based only upon the recognized genuine need of the family.  Grace Center serves over 850 women & children.

Grace Center for Children & Families offers…

Grace Center has over 118 employees, most are single moms who have a strong desire to work for their families.  In an area where there are very few job opportunities, these women are able to work at Grace Center to provide for the needs of their family.  Many of their children are sponsored to continue their education…as their children are going to school, many of these women then have the opportunity to continue their own education.

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Ethiopians have a long history of families taking care of their extended families, extended families taking care of their communities, and communites caring for those who join their community.  In a culture where a greeting includes a handshake, hug, and often times multiple kisses on either cheek…while inquiring about the other person, their family, and their livelihood…it is very easy to fall in love with the Ethiopian people.

Over the past 40 years the families of Ethiopia have suffered drought, famine, civil war and more recently the AIDS epidemic. Families have been stripped of their wage earners, and traditional multi-generational support.

“…a million people had died of AIDS in its first two decades in Ethiopia, the hardest hit were men and women (especially women) between 15 and 49 years of age: a generation and a half of parents.” (Greene, THERE IS NO ME WITHOUT YOU, pg. 20)

Ethiopia is approximately twice the size of Texas, and there are an estimated 4.6 million orphans. (UNICEF)

66% of school aged children are not is school

81% of Ethiopians live on less than $2.00/day (26% on less than $1.00/day)



Grace Center, Bahir Dar, endeavors to bring hope. Hope to orphaned children and single parents who are unable to meet their basic needs.

Due to poverty, HIV/AIDS, and various societal factors, families have found it difficult to help other struggling family members.  This is causing a breakdown in some of the traditional family values and the community mindset that has been a part of the backbone of Ethiopian society for generations.

This problem has created a vicious cycle, as single mothers are becoming more prevalent.  Recent generations have more single parent families, leaving more and more children living in unstable situations.  Without a support system, is’t nearly impossible for a single parent family to remain together.

It is for these women & children that Grace Center is doing what it does.

Grace was founded by a group of people who desired to see lasting change brought to people who are marginalized and forgotten, people who have been neglected by the community around them. Grace began unofficial operations under the direction of the local authorities in July 2007, but the idea had started forming in September 2006.

Official planning began in January 2007, and the project was officially licensed in January 2008. Grace has grown one child, one family, one situation at a time. We have grown and adapted to meet the changing needs of those we are serving, but we have always maintained a desire to help people to help themselves.

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Mission of Grace Center

Grace Center’s mission is to provide responsible care for families and children by equipping and supporting mothers in their care role, giving children every possible advantage available to grow in a stable, Christ-centered environment, empowering them to be the leaders of tomorrow through education and training.

Dee & Andrew being greeted

Dee & Andrew being greeted

Because Grace is intentional and exhibits excellence in the entire process of this project, many women have resumed their education and some women have grown strong enough to stand on their own, seeking higher-paying employment outside of Grace Center.

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